Is it a bird?

Loads of birds, because they are mostly the only thing I’ve been drawing these past weeks. Other things should come shortly (I’m currently working on « new online portfolio », with bits of animation and illustration inside).


By the sea…

A few sketches from the Woolacombe trip, on not-so-good paper because, being always the stupid girl I tend to be, I had forgotten my sketchbook.

Color with tea, because I had also forgotten my watercolor. (No, not my head as well. I still have it. For the moment.)

Snowflakes and a silly rabbit (or Happy New Year and stuff)

A wonderfully animated version can be found here.

Also, speaking of animations, they are all now posted over there, at ‘The Platonic Platypus‘. I’ll still post silly drawings and random sketches here.

J’ai besoin de traduire? Vraiment? Bon, alors. The Platonic Platypus, c’est le coin où que je poste/posterai mes bouts d’anim’, mais ici, ça reste le coin des dessins débiles. Y’a une raison pour ça, mais ça va me prendre trop de temps à expliquer et là, présentement, faudrait que j’aille m’habiller vaguement correctement pour le Réveillon. Faut donc m’excuser.

Un jour (si j’ai le temps), j’y reviendrais.

En tout cas, bonne année, populasse ! Soyez aussi raisonnables que moi en ce qui concerne le foie gras et l’alcool. 
(Ne prenez pas de bonnes résolutions, ça ne sert à rien)

I now feel that I should translate everything I wrote in French, but I’m quite lazy and definitely lack of time, so I’ll just finish by wishing you all a Happy New Year. Eat good food, drink and party!